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Why We Do Our Work


In Hennepin County, roughly one in ten people are living below Federal Poverty Level (FPL). That means more than 120,000 people cannot meet their basic needs.


CAP-HC centers community voices to understand the needs of Hennepin County residents with lower incomes and creates programming to address those needs. Our broad suite of programs and services are designed to disrupt the cycle of poverty—helping people navigate crisis situations and build toward prosperity. We also advocate for policies and programs that benefit people with lower incomes by expanding policymakers’ awareness of community needs and the impact legislation can have in the fight to end poverty.


Did You Know?

  • Energy Burden

    The average energy burden, the proportion of household income spent on energy, is 2% in Minnesota. Households with lower incomes average an energy burden of 8% with some facing energy burdens over 30%.^ CAP-HC is one of the largest providers of Energy Assistance in Minnesota, helping thousands of families improve energy efficiency and reduce their energy burden each year.

  • Housing Burden

    More than 145,000 households in Hennepin County are housing burdened,* meaning more than 30% of their income goes toward housing and they may have difficulty affording necessities like food and health care. Each year, CAP-HC helps hundreds of families avoid eviction and stay in their homes through our Emergency Rental Assistance program.

*Minnesota Compass; ^Minnesota Energy Data Dashboard, May 2022, Department of Commerce

Our Impact

  • Sheyenne: EAP and Rental Counseling

    One thing that makes CAP-HC’s antipoverty work unique is that our suite of services meet people wherever they are on their journey to self-sufficiency—from navigating crisis situations to building toward prosperity. This often means that people can utilize multiple services we provide, getting the support they need holistically.
    Sheyenne initially sought out CAP-HC for Energy Assistance. Then she turned to our Rental Counseling Program for help. “My experience with CAP-HC has exceeded expectations. [Both programs have] not only helped my family through tough times, but have done so with grace. I felt like the employees genuinely cared about making our situation better. Thank you!”

    —Sheyenne, Energy Assistance and Rental Counseling Client

  • Jonathan: Financial Wellness

    “... I have a better understanding of personal finance and can make better decisions when making financial choices. From credit cards and savings accounts, to budgeting and banking, I feel confident about my financial future. I am grateful to CAP-HC for offering these courses and reference materials, presenting the content in a simple yet impactful way and answering my questions and concerns. I am well on my way to a better and brighter future with more control and comfort surrounding all things money.”

    —Jonathan, Financial Wellness Client

  • "I am disabled ... I would be in even more financial dire straits without energy and heat help. Thank you very much for the assistance. I can get groceries now."

    —Energy Assistance Client

  • "I'm finally feeling like someone is invested in helping me navigate my [housing] options."

    —Mariya, Rental Services Client

  • "When I found out my vehicle needed major repair, I was devastated and did not know how I was going to come up with the funds. Thanks to [CAP-HC's Vehicle Repair Program], I now have a job that I am able to get to work."

    —Kathy, Vehicle Repair Assistance Client

  • "[CAP-HC staff] helped me get onto Minnesota state health insurance. Now I'm set up with insurance accepted where I live, and I have access to the healthcare I need. Thank you for helping me."

    —Kit, MNsure Application Assistance Client

Client stories, names, and photos used with permission.

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