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Black History and Culture Enriches American Life

Black History Month image with 3 silhouettes in red, yellow, and green

SINCE 1976, every U.S. president has designated February as Black History Month. President Biden’s proclamation for February 2024 includes this statement:

“Throughout our history, Black Americans have never given up on the promise of America. Unbowed by the forces of hate and undaunted as they fought for centuries against slavery, segregation, and injustice, Black Americans have held a mirror up to our Nation, allowing our country to confront hard truths about who we are and pushing us to live up to our founding ideals ... In the process, the vibrancy of Black history and culture has enriched every aspect of American life.”

Though Black History Month 2024 is coming to a close, we can continue to celebrate Black history and culture by amplifying Black voices. With that in mind, several museums and organizations have put together reading lists, digital exhibits, and more to lift up the stories and art of Black creators who, in many cases, use their art as a platform for social justice.

HERE ARE MORE RESOURCES, compiled by National Community Action Partnership, to help you continue exploring the “vibrancy of Black history and culture.”

While the resources we’ve shared this month barely scratch the surface of how Black visionaries have contributed to U.S. history, we hope it’s awakened your curiosity to learn more.

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