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Renter Counseling

Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County has HUD*-certified Housing Counselors available to help you navigate the rental process. Housing Counselors are trusted, unbiased professionals you can turn to for the knowledge and the guidance you need to make the right renting decisions for you. Housing Counselors understand Minnesota Fair Housing laws, understand Tenant and Landlord Rights & Responsibilities, will inform you of your legal protections, and will advocate for you.

HUD*-certified Housing Counselors can:

  • Help renters develop household budgets, determine how much rent they can afford to pay, and identify an affordable place to rent.
  • Establish whether renters are eligible for assistance and help them apply if eligible.
  • Support renters as they navigate the rental process, from paying deposits to signing or ending a lease.
  • Help renters build and keep a good relationship with their landlord and help resolve landlord-tenant disputes.
  • Educate renters about financial planning and good rental practices, such as obtaining rental insurance and maintaining a healthy home.

Schedule your counseling session with a HUD*-certified Housing Counselor today!

*U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. For more information about HUD, click here.



Renter Counseling is open to all Hennepin County residents.

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